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Featured Films

The Majestic Life of Seals

Seals. They are beautiful.

National Treasure 3:

The Ultimate Treasure

The JaredTV+ exclusive you've been waiting all week for.

A Horror Movie

Don't ask questions. Just watch it.

Dogs of New York

Jared loves New York. And Jared loves dogs. So what better way to enjoy his four-day trip to NYC than to pull out his phone every ten seconds to record every dog!

Please note: It is advised to take Dramamine before watching this feature.

House Hunters:

Global Empire

Join a cute couple on their journey to find the perfect home in the perfect place to build their empire: Provo, Utah.

Horse Eats Apple

You know you want to watch it.

Close Encounters of the Second Kind

This nature documentary takes viewers into a harrowing encounter with a primate. Viewer discretion is advised.

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