Why did I make JaredTV+?

Easy. I've got three reasons.

Too many subscriptions.

Bills can add up each month. I don't like bills or math, so JaredTV+ does away with both. No need to enter your email to get notifications about shows you've already scrolled past a million times on the website. No need to pay me money, either.

Is this the smartest business model? Probably not. But I don't care.

Endless scrolling.

You can spend hours trying to find just the right show or movie to play in the background as you sit on your couch and scroll through your phone. I’ve eliminated that hassle by greatly reducing the number of shows you have to scroll through. And on top of that, each show only has one episode so those with commitment issues (me) don’t have to worry about watching four seasons and a movie.

Uncomfy content.

There is no edgy content here. I've taken industrial sandpaper and scratched away anything that could be considered remotely controversial. No need to have the remote in hand in case a parent or child walks in during a particularly spicy scene. This is the Pace mild salsa of streaming when it comes to content.


I also made JaredTV+ because I find great fulfillment in creating things that bring a little bit more joy into the world. With this content, I hope to share some smiles (and hopefully a few somewhat-deserved laughs) with my friends, even if it is through the wonders of the world wide web.

I hope to repay everyone who has brought me so much joy in life.

Happy streaming.