Reality TV

House Hunters:

Global Empire

Join a power couple on their journey to find the perfect home in the perfect place to build their empire: Provo, Utah.

A Very Boo Boo Birthday

In honor of Honey Boo Boo’s existence, JaredTV+ presents a video tribute featuring a remix of one of her most iconic musings.

A Very Boo Boo Birthday Two You

Another birthday for Boo Boo, means another remix of her best musings.

The Great British Bark Off

Jared’s Instagram followers send their dogs (a term used here in the most inclusive sense) to the tent to show off their best barks. These lovable contestants compete to impress the polls and ultimately be crowned Star Barker.

Evening of Errands:

An Interactive Adventure

Join Jared on an evening full of errands as he searches for meaning in his menial tasks. Throughout his journey, you’ll have the power to choose what errand he should do next.

*Please note: Your choices actually have no impact on Jared’s actions. God gave him free will and he’s going to use it, danggit.